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BANGKOK DESIGN WEEK 2023 : Rooted Route


In collaboration between Jewelry Design students from Silpakorn University and Ten Fingers.

4 - 12 FEB 2023

Location: Ten Fingers Factory and Design #BKKDW2023 #RootedRoute

In every community lies a distinguish identity; different beliefs, cultures, objects, architectures or way of life. Some cultures are based on gods or superstitions, some are rooted from the life of people, whence their intellect was employed to solve problems or create the peace of mind. For instance, they said not to sweep the floor at night; otherwise you would sweep the money away; however, in fact, the house in those days were mainly made of wood planks where gaps are present. That is the reason why sweeping at night possibly sweep small things down and they go missing in the basement.

Ten Fingers is interested in the culture rooted from the way of life of people so we started this project to study the diversity of cultures in each community which speaks about or gives positive energy (NICE) for the people in community (URBAN). In collaboration with professors and students from Department of Jewelry Design, Faculty of Decorative Arts, SIlpakorn University, the project will focus on field research to study, analyse and create a jewelry design project which reflects the diversity and beauty of people-rooted cultures in the community and brings the positive energy from each community to wherever the wearer goes. Together with students and professors, Ten Fingers will help consult about concept and jewelry production techniques, and also provide every student with the production of their project to showcase on Bangkok Design Week this year. Besides, in the future, we look forward to working with students to develop and bring their project into commercial use.

Supported by Bangkok Design Week

Creative Economy Agency (CEA)

Works by

Students from Jewelry Design, Silpakorn University

Curated by

Professors from Jewelry Design, Silpakorn University


Ten Fingers Team



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