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Do you work with experimental materials?

Yes. We are open to working with the use of experimental materials with metalworks.

We work with many artists and contemporary jewellery designers whose works are about experimenting on new and innovative topics.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange discussion with our design team!

Is it necessary to do plating?

We recommend plating your jewellery, especially if your jewellery is made from Sterling Silver or Brass. Since Silver and Brass are highly reactive to moist and chemicals, the jewellery can tarnish. Plating can, additionally, act as a shielding coat which protect the surface of your jewellery, avoiding the damage that may cause to the metal base.

However, in case of gold-based jewellery, it is not necessary to plate as gold is inert to chemical reactions.

Is your jewellery Nickel-free?

Yes. All the jewellery produced at Ten Fingers are Nickel-free and meet the standard of products for international export.

What is your commitment on sustainability?

Ten Fingers always focus on sustainability throughout our process of jewellery production.

Please refer to this page for further information.

What metals do you work with?

9K, 14K, 18K Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

Sterling Silver (Silver 925)

Do you provide stone sourcing service?

Yes. Ten Fingers provides you with ethical stone sourcing; diamonds, natural stones, synthetic stones, crystals.

Do you do plating?

Yes. We use electroplating technique to plate on our jewellery which is the deposit of metal such as gold in case of gold plating.

There are various colour available for plating:

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Blue, Rainbow, etc.

What is your MOQ?

Briefly, our MOQ is at 30 pieces per design;

where you can choose to differ in size (in case of ring), or plating colour.

However, we are open to negotiation for designs that are show-piece / art piece / customized gold jewellery / engagement jewellery, or emerging brands. Please contact us for further discussion.

Can you sign NDA?


We value the confidentiality of our client's projects and all the works will be kept confidential.

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