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Crafting Brilliance, Nurturing Earth:
Our Commitment to Sustainability


What is TENABLE©?

TENABLE is a practice specifically designed to foster sustainability across all aspects of our jewellery factory. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability, TENABLE serves as a guiding framework to integrate sustainable practices at every stage of our operations. By implementing TENABLE, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting eco-friendly production methods, utilizing renewable energy sources, and implementing waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Furthermore, TENABLE promotes fair labor practices, ensuring the well-being of our employees and supporting the communities in which we operate. Through this program, we also prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, aiming to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with the extraction and processing of raw materials. TENABLE reflects our dedication to a sustainable future, allowing us to create beautiful jewellery while preserving the planet and promoting a positive impact on society.


​​We concentrate our efforts in areas where we believe we can make the most significant difference, actively working towards driving positive transformations in our three core areas: people, product, and planet.
Our responsibility initiative strives to establish a culture rooted in transparency, collaboration, and responsibility. At Ten Fingers, we perceive social and environmental responsibility as interconnected facets of our mission. Every Ten Fingers product embodies our commitment to caring for the people involved. Thus, it is our duty to ensure equitable, secure, and healthy working conditions for both our team members and throughout our entire supply chain.


In addition to integrating responsibility into our operational practices, we have devoted significant efforts to fostering an inclusive culture at Ten Fingers. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable resource, and our aim is to cultivate a diverse work environment where they can thrive personally, professionally, and socially. By doing so, we anticipate positive impacts on our growth KPIs, as it contributes to a workforce that is more innovative, engaged, and content. Our commitment to employee well-being is reflected in our regular performance reviews, which occur twice a year, as well as bi-monthly check-in meetings for all staff members.
As a growing company, we place special emphasis on effective onboarding processes for new hires, recognizing that a successful onboarding experience is crucial in cultivating engaged, productive, and happy employees.


We recognizes the invaluable contribution of its talented craftsmen and artisans, understanding that their skill and dedication are at the heart of its success. Apart from essential insurance coverage from the Social Security Organization (SSO) to artisans, ensuring that they have access to quality healthcare and support during challenging times, we place great importance on creating a safe workplace environment for its jewelers. Stringent safety protocols and measures are implemented to minimize any potential risks and hazards, ensuring that the artisans can work with peace of mind. By prioritizing the health and well-being of its artisans, Ten Fingers not only demonstrates its commitment to their welfare but also cultivates a culture of care and mutual respect, fostering a harmonious and thriving community within the organization.


Ten Fingers ensures that its artisans receive competitive salaries that reflect their expertise and dedication. Moreover, the company takes into consideration the artisans' expenses related to their craft, such as the procurement of high-quality materials and tools necessary for their work. By supporting and covering these expenses, Ten Fingers alleviates any financial burden on its artisans, enabling them to focus on their craftsmanship and artistic expression. This commitment to providing adequate compensation and covering essential expenses demonstrates Ten Fingers' dedication to nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with its artisans, fostering a sense of security and motivation within the artistic community it cultivates.


At Ten Fingers, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only a core value but an integral part of the company's identity. The jewelry factory recognizes that a diverse and inclusive environment fosters creativity, innovation, and empathy. Ten Fingers actively seeks to create a workplace where artisans and members of the management team from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities feel valued, respected, and empowered. The company implements inclusive hiring practices, ensuring equal opportunities for individuals of different races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. Furthermore, Ten Fingers provides ongoing diversity and inclusion training to its employees, promoting awareness, understanding, and empathy. By embracing and celebrating diversity, Ten Fingers nurtures a vibrant and dynamic community that thrives on the unique perspectives and talents of each individual, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that drives the company's success.


Ten Fingers understands that responsible sourcing and ethical practices are essential for preserving the environment and ensuring the well-being of communities involved. Ten Fingers actively seeks out partners who share its commitment to sustainability, choosing suppliers who adhere to fair labor practices, environmentally-friendly processes, and responsible sourcing of materials. By working closely with its partners, Ten Fingers ensures that the entire supply chain upholds the highest standards of sustainability, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production and distribution of its jewelry.
At the core of our business, we prioritize the creation of high-quality products. However, we acknowledge that this process has a significant environmental footprint. Consequently, a significant portion of our sustainability initiatives focuses on developing strategies that minimize the impact during the design and production stages. We are committed to finding innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards while also being mindful of their environmental impact.


At Ten Fingers, our jewelry factory is dedicated to the production of high-quality jewelry that is built to stand the test of time. We firmly believe that the most sustainable jewelry is the kind that can be cherished and worn for years to come. From the selection of durable materials to the precision in design and manufacturing, we strive to make jewelry that will endure and remain beautiful throughout the years. By focusing on creating jewelry that lasts, we contribute to reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately minimize the environmental impact associated with the production of new jewelry. At Ten Fingers, we are passionate about crafting timeless pieces that can be treasured and enjoyed for generations, embodying both sustainability and enduring beauty.


We embraces sustainability by utilizing recycled metals such as gold, silver, and brass in the creation of their jewelry. We recognize the environmental impact associated with mining and extraction of new metals, and thus, places a strong emphasis on minimizing their ecological footprint. By sourcing recycled metals, Ten Fingers not only reduces the demand for newly mined materials but also helps to divert waste from landfills. The skilled artisans at Ten Fingers transform these recycled metals into stunning pieces of jewelry, combining eco-consciousness with exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story of sustainability and ethical practices, providing customers with jewelry that not only possesses beauty and elegance but also contributes to a more environmentally responsible industry.


Ten Fingers actively fosters collaboration and welcomes the contributions of designers and artists who work with upcycled materials. We understand the value of creativity and fresh perspectives in the world of jewelry making. With an open-minded approach, Ten Fingers eagerly embraces the opportunity to incorporate upcycled materials sourced from talented designers and artists into their jewelry creations. By inviting these creative individuals to be a part of the process, Ten Fingers not only expands its range of materials but also supports the upcycling movement and promotes sustainable practices.


Ten Fingers is deeply committed to sustainability through the responsible and ethical sourcing of diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver. The company recognizes the environmental and social impact associated with the extraction of these precious materials. With a strong sense of responsibility, Ten Fingers takes great care in selecting suppliers and partners who uphold strict ethical standards. Diamonds and gemstones are sourced from conflict-free regions, ensuring that they are free from any association with human rights abuses. The factory also prioritizes responsible gold and silver sourcing, seeking to minimize the environmental footprint by utilizing recycled and reclaimed materials.


We understand that packaging plays a crucial role in both protecting the jewelry and creating a memorable unboxing experience. That's why we offer a range of eco-friendly packaging choices that are carefully sourced and thoughtfully designed. These sustainable packaging options are made from recycled materials or are easily recyclable themselves, reducing the environmental impact. In addition to sustainable packaging, we prioritize the reuse of protective packages throughout our production lines. By implementing efficient systems, we ensure that these packages are carefully inspected, cleaned, and reused whenever possible.
With integrity and conscientiousness, acknowledging the pressing nature of the worldwide climate crisis, we are committed to taking decisive steps to reduce our environmental impact and actively investing in a future that prioritizes low carbon emissions. Our approach is proactive, as we strive to implement the most effective practices throughout our organization.


Ten Fingers recognizes the importance of minimizing its environmental footprint throughout the production process. From the initial design phase to the final creation of each piece, Ten Fingers prioritizes resource efficiency and waste reduction. By implementing advanced technologies and innovative techniques, the factory aims to minimize energy consumption and reduce emissions.


↳ Ten Fingers understands the importance of preserving water resources and minimizing any potential environmental impacts. Before returning water to the environment, Ten Fingers implements various methods to ensure its cleanliness. Advanced filtration and purification systems are employed to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that the water discharged meets or exceeds regulatory standards. Additionally, the factory employs innovative techniques to recover precious metals from the water, allowing for efficient recycling and reuse.
↳ While various methods of jewelry production may result in leftovers or scraps, the company ensures that these materials are carefully collected and not wasted. Instead, they undergo a process of refining and recycling to serve the cause of sustainability. Through this responsible approach, Ten Fingers minimizes the amount of metal waste that would otherwise be discarded, reducing the environmental impact associated with mining and extraction.
↳ At Ten Fingers, all wax waste generated during the casting process is carefully collected and stored for recycling purposes. Through innovative techniques, the factory ensures that the wax waste is efficiently processed and reused in future production.
↳ ​​At Ten Fingers, all plaster waste is carefully collected and separated from other materials. The collected plaster waste undergoes a thorough cleaning process, removing any impurities and contaminants. It is then transformed into a reusable form through techniques such as crushing and grinding. This recycled plaster is reintroduced into the production cycle, reducing the reliance on new plaster materials and minimizing waste sent to landfills.


Ror Ngor 4 (ร.ง.4) serves as an important indication that Ten Fingers has met all the necessary qualifications and requirements for legally establishing and operating a factory. It signifies that the company has fulfilled the necessary legal obligations, such as obtaining the required licenses, adhering to safety regulations, and meeting environmental standards. The Ror Ngor 4 certification demonstrates Ten Fingers' commitment to operating within the legal framework and upholding the highest standards of compliance. Moreover, being situated in the heart of Bangkok and surrounded by communities, Ten Fingers understands the importance of ensuring that its operations do not negatively impact the surrounding people and the environment. The company takes proactive measures to mitigate any potential risks or disturbances, such as implementing sound management practices and incorporating eco-friendly technologies. With this permit in hand and its responsible operational practices, Ten Fingers can confidently assure its customers and stakeholders that its operations are conducted responsibly, protecting both the surrounding community and the environment.


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