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BANGKOK DESIGN WEEK 2022 : Jewellery (path)maker

Jewellery (path)maker

Ten Fingers joins hands with 5 talented artists to design and co-create experimental jewellery and metalworks. With the collaboration between artists and artisans at factory, we aim to build up inspiration among jewellery and metalworks design, and enhance economics of this Charoenkrung Creative Jewellery District, as well as to showcase the values of Thai artisans’ craftsmanship.

Participating Artists:

Tithi Kutchamuch

Noon Passama

Trimode Accessories

Jittrakarn Jewellery Mirror Mirror Brand

Drip II

​- Tithi Kutchamuch

In order to create repeating products in the metal casting process, normally we make moulds.

Drip II is an experiment on ‘No mould mould’. I dripped fruits, vegetables, balloons, plastic bottles into molten wax. The final pieces of work are one of a kind, with natural texture, traces of gravity, and what remains from the casting process.

Models of Contemplation - Noon Passama

Rather than presenting finish works, this group of objects highlights the process behind them. The objects represent different ways thoughts are materialised and become tangible.

Some of them were made while not thinking about anything in particular but they did follow a certain framework, such as making lines that become circles connecting to each other or sculpting a single loop with no beginning or ending. Some were made while not knowing what to do but the process of shaping something in the hands allowed time for new ideas to emerge.



Cold-connect to the new possibilities

A collection of jewelry that we introduce a jewelry

system that a piece can be assembled by an O jump ring.

Our idea is to simplify the process of jewelry making by

using a ready-made industrial part and bringing its

potential to the fullest.



Selected as International Talent Support (ITS2020) Finalist, ALTERED-NATIVE is an experiment to design wearable objects that can alter its wearer’s visual image through reflection and distortion, creating “the new native”.

Focused on the face, the most recognizable human feature, reflection and distortion techniques are explored to create facial transformation. The objective is to increase, to change direction, to deconstruct and to create illusion of the face.

Multi jet fusion plastic which is a high reusable 3d printing material is used to construct the overall form. Combining with reflective materials such as Mirror acrylic, polished metal together with clear crystal.

Food Therapy


Food does not only serve our body nutrients, but also mental meal for our minds. It sensibly fulfills our satisfaction, pleasure and gives us motivations. "Food therapy" collection capture our moments of food appreciation; component that surrounds us while we are in the reverie of a pleasent meal, reminiscing that moment every time we feel the jewellery.



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