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Blue Package
Ten Fingers  offers a unique blend of customization and creativity, encouraging clients to bring their packaging visions to life. With a keen understanding that packaging is often the first touchpoint between a product and its consumer, Ten Fingers crafts bespoke solutions that resonate. From elegant simplicity to bold innovation, every detail is meticulously tailored to reflect the essence of the client's brand and product. Whether it's intricate die-cut patterns, vibrant colors, or eco-friendly materials, Ten Fingers ensures that each package tells a story, captivates the senses, and leaves a lasting impression. With Ten Fingers, packaging becomes not just a protective shell, but a canvas for imagination and expression.




every client and their jewellery have unique specifications and requirements. To ensure that we deliver the best results and cater to individual needs, we take the time to carefully analyze and understand the specific details of the jewellery, desired style, and overall vision of our clients.


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