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Resurgence of possibilities

30 January - 7 February 2021


“Leather? Charoen Rat”

“Wood? Bang Pho”

“Fabrics? Pahurat”


Saying a material, we have our area in mind where we should be going. When it’s jewellery, people usually think of Baan Mo. Meanwhile, in this Creative District, there stands a jewellery area, commonly called ‘Silom jewellery district’ which runs green the jewellery industries in Thailand for a long time. There are several jewellery retail shops, material suppliers and jewellery factories which export to many countries all around the world; One of the factories is us, Ten Fingers Factory & Design.


Due to the spreading of COVID-19, jewellery industries have been widely and strongly affected, resulting in the close-downs of quite a few factories. However, we see the value and significance of our craftsmanship, subtle beauty and details which is widely treasured in a top ranking. Ten Fingers is a jewellery design firm and jewellery factory, which understands the process and creativity of designers and can help designers with experimentations and prototype-making through multi-disciplinary techniques, material choices or art pieces. Saying this, we would like to bring this potential of our forward-thinking jewellery factory back to track, creating new possibilities for designers, artists and students.






















We will be hosting an exhibition featuring jewellery from talented designers who expand the boundaries of jewellery into new possibilities. Besides, the pieces from our project ‘The resurgence of old moulds’, which uses the existing moulds from past collections to make new things apart from being left untouched, will be exhibited in the exhibition.

There will be design talk about the new possibilities of jewellery by talented artists and a marketplace for getting jewellery pieces from the participating artists.


‘Jewellery of the future’ project spotlights jewellery pieces that shows the innovation and new paths of jewellery design in order to inspire the designers in the limitations of COVID-19 era, together with the promotion of the area, ‘Silom jewellery district’.