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Neeranuj Wongwasin

NUJ is an alternative jewelry brand that focuses on empowerment to inspire change. With years of international experience in jewelry industry and exposure to the world of crystals and symbols in New York, NUJ was inspired to create an uplifting and meaningful jewelry for everyday wearer. Inspired by nature’s healing symbols, NUJ aims to empower women through conscious self-discovery. The practice of mindfulness has allowed her to express designs with poetic clarity; unearthing relationships between the inner and outer-self. NUJ responds to your needs and reflects what you want to see in yourself. A gentle reminder to pursue a life of fulfillment and discovery in the most simple and sophisticate forms. Each piece is designed to adhere to ones identity and personal values. The pursuit for strength and inner peace has never been more relevant in a world dominated by turmoil and uncertainty. We believe in the human capacity to challenge and evolve consciously into our own chosen path. NUJ wishes to connect deeply with its wearer and spread positivity and hope to our community and loved ones.

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