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Selected as International Talent Support (ITS2020) Finalist, ALTERED-NATIVE is an experiment to design wearable objects that can alter its wearer’s visual image through reflection and distortion, creating “the new native”.

Focused on the face, the most recognizable human feature, reflection and distortion techniques are explored to create facial transformation. The objective is to increase, to change direction, to deconstruct and to create illusion of the face.

Multi jet fusion plastic which is a high reusable 3d printing material is used to construct the overall form. Combining with reflective materials such as Mirror acrylic, polished metal together with clear crystal.

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Since a very young age, Jittrakarn B. has let her mind wanders, dreaming of fictional worlds where everything is possible. Playing video games, reading novels and watching movies are so much fun that make her want to become a creator of something as inspiring.


She chose to study Industrial Design in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. There, she found herself falling in love with design. She later furthered her studies in School of Jewellery in Birmingham, UK, and was introduced to the world of contemporary jewellery, jewellery as an art expression.


With passion for Avant-garde art, her aspiration is to explore and exhibit the variant spectrum of imagination for people with adventurous souls. Every collection is a journey to the alternate universe where the futuristic frontier merge into reality through artistic expression of wearable fantasy.


In achieving this, JITTRAKARN’s jewellery become a communication to the wearer, helping them to explore and fulfill their possible self expression and visions of the future world.

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