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Summer Training Program: 'NEW SISTER'


We know that a professional career demands more than just a great talent. In our specialized training program, you will learn by doing in real-world situations, interacting with experts and observing 

every last detail in order to craft your own unique collection, and create your own project.


Our 'New Sister' summer program will help you hone and expand your talents to be a successful designer. For full details, contact us directly at Ten Fingers Factory & Design

What can students expect?


- Real projects from our clients: learn the process of jewellery production from start to end; concept, sketch, making, packshot photoshoot, model photoshoot, etc.

- Self-exploration: It is important to explore and create your own identity as a jewellery designer. Ten Fingers encourages students to explore their own style through research, assignments and final project.

- Final Project: Interns will have to make their own jewellery collection by the end of internship. Each week, the project will be discussed and gradually developed and eventually ready to be exhibited in the final project exhibition; where we will invite people in the jewellery industry to join and have some discussions about interns' work, and some parties!


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